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 Buckle up and Join us for a

Paint Slinging,  Blow your Hair Back Good Time!

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Hi!  I'm Sarah

You may assume that all paint parties are the same. They’re Not!! 

It's Just Paint! is more than your average learn-to-paint party-and I am not your ordinary painting instructor!  I am an unusually whacky entertainer, and my Paint Parties are much more like a show than a Painting class! 

'We measure with our fingers, we paint with our hearts, and create art that is as unique as the painter.' 

Learning happens by a little show and tell and a little osmosis.

We will be Dancing' Singin' and slinging paint, so grab your favorite beverage and pull up your selves, lets get this party started! 

Almost 90% of our party-goers return for another! And another! 

I like to think of the It’s Just Paint Community as one big family of people who love to gather and paint, created through the love of art.  It has brought people together from all walks of life-priceless.

Every painting has a character all its own-just like our people.

Come join us! 

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 Public In Person Paint Parties

Join Sarah at your favorite venue for a night of Painting and Fun!!   Park your worries at the door, and get ready for music, laughter and Paint!!  We provide everything you will need to create Your 'MasterPiece'.  Come alone or bring a friend!  This painting experience is more than just an Art class,

grab your favorite beverage, toss on that apron and gear up for a brilliant evening! 


Private Paint Parties

Private Parties are a fantastic way to celebrate any occasion!  We customize your party, with everything from Painter Names, Party Hats, Boas and crown to Free Mustaches!  

We choose a date and time that works for all parties, and you get to pick whatever painting you would like to paint!  

I provide everything except the venue and tables and chairs.  I will also customize a music playlist to fit the occasion!  It is a memory that will last a lifetime! (Might be a bit too big for the front of the fridge though!)

Our 'New' Online Paint Events

Why does an on-line paint class have to be boring?? Paint with Sarah and party in the comfort of your own home! Each class is a zoom-castic performance.  Scoot up a chair to the nearest flat-screen, keep your drinks at arms length, and get ready to  throttle up the fun! 

The best part of an on-line paint class is if you miss the debut you still have the opportunity to catch the class.  All of our on-line events are recorded - pick your favorite paint class from our gallery and its yours to watch anytime / anywhere for 6 months.  Need Art supplies for your chosen class ??  Contact us if you need a list of Art supplies - Michaels is a great place to get your starter paints and accessories if you live out of the area.


You CAN do it!

Learning to paint is easy and a fun way to decompress after a long busy day!   Becoming a painter (at any level) is a source of emotional satisfaction.  Sarah  breaks each painting down into easy-to-follow steps.  Join us in an online (Zoom) or come hang out at a local Central Oregon venue... we will be giving away free mustaches!

Children are some of the most creative and fastest learning painters.  We are all about kids!  They are welcome (with your supervision) to attend any of our in-person paint parties! 

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